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is an option and property for Graph and related functions that specifies what labels and label positions should be used for edges.


  • The following option settings can be used:
  • Noneuse no edge labels
    "Name"use the edge name as a label
    {vivj->lblij,}label edge with etc.
  • The wrapper Labeled[vivj,lbl] is equivalent to Property[vivj,EdgeLabels->lbl] and can be used when creating graphs in functions such as Graph etc.
  • Labeled[vivj,lbl,pos] and Placed[lbl,pos] can be used to place labels along an edge.
  • The following positions pos can be used for Labeled and Placed in positioning edge labels:
  • Tooltip,StatusAreashow as tooltip or in status area on mouseover
    "Start","Middle","End"place label at start, middle, or end
    {Left,pos},{Right,pos}place label left or right of the edge at symbolic position
    {s,{lx,ly}}scaled position in the label at scaled position s along the edge
  • The scaled position along the edge curve represents the fraction of the total length: e.g. places the edge label at the halfway point.
Introduced in 2010