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writes an encoded version of the file source to the file dest.

decodes the file before reading its contents.

produces an encoded file that must be read in using Get["dest","key"].

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Encoded files contain only printable ASCII characters. They begin with a special sequence that is recognized by Get.
  • On certain computer systems Encode["source","dest",MachineID->"ID"] can be used to generate an encoded file that can be read only on a computer with a particular $MachineID.
  • No function is provided in the Wolfram Language to convert encoded files back to their original form.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

Set up the name of a file that can be used as temporary storage:

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Encode the package file , putting the results in the temporary file:

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The file is visually unreadable:

Use Get to decode and load the file:

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This has loaded the definitions of the package:

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Introduced in 1991