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is a two-dimensional GeoGraphics primitive that represents a filled disk of radius r centered at the location loc on the surface of the Earth.

gives a sector of a disk from bearing to bearing .

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • A geo disk with center loc and radius r is defined as the area covered by all geodesics of length r starting from loc. Specifying bearings and restricts the set of geodesics.
  • The location loc can be specified either as latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees, GeoPosition[], or as a named geographical Entity[].
  • The radius r can be given as a Quantity length or as a number in meters.
  • Bearings and are measured clockwise from true north and can be given as Quantity angles, as numbers in degrees, as DMS strings, or as named compass points like or .
  • Graphics directives such as GrayLevel, RGBColor, Opacity, and GeoStyling can be used to specify how the resulting region should be filled.
  • FaceForm, EdgeForm, and GeoStyling can be used to specify how the interiors and boundaries of geographic regions should be rendered. The default is that no explicit edge is drawn.
  • GeoDisk[loc] represents a geo disk centered at loc, with an automatic choice of radius.
  • GeoDisk[] is equivalent to GeoDisk[$GeoLocation].
Introduced in 2014