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creates a collage of images .

creates a collage of images based on their corresponding weights .

uses the fitting method to create the collage.

creates a collage of the specified size.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • ImageCollage creates a collage of a list of images and can be used to create a compact visualization of photographs, graphics, etc.
  • ImageCollage[{w1,w2,}->{image1,image2,},] can also be used to specify weights.
  • ImageCollage[w->{image1,image2,},] assumes the same weight w for all .
  • Weights can be either of one of the following forms:
  • wfinal area proportional to w
    Scaled[s]final area proportional to s multipled by the original area
  • Possible values for fitting include:
  • "Fill"fit the smaller dimension; crop the other if necessary
    "Fit"fit the whole image; keep the aspect ratio; pad if necessary
    "Stretch"stretch the image to fit by resampling
  • The following options can be specified:
  • BackgroundGrayLevel[0.2]background color
    ImagePaddingNonepadding size to use around each image
    ImageSizeAutomaticdisplay size of the collage
    MethodAutomaticmethod to use for packing images
    PaddingAutomaticpadding scheme to use around each image
    ResamplingAutomaticresampling method
  • Possible settings for ImagePadding are:
  • Noneno padding
    mthe same padding on all sides
    {m,n}m pixels on left and right, n pixels on bottom and top
    {{left,right},{bottom,top}}different padding on different sides
  • Method can take one of the following settings:
  • "Rows"arrange in horizontal layers
    "Columns"arrange in vertical layers
    "Grid"a regular grid of images
    "ClosestPacking"closest packing from the top left
Introduced in 2014