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returns a saliency map for image.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • ImageSaliencyFilter returns a single-channel image where pixel intensities represent a saliency measure for the input image.
  • ImageSaliencyFilter is typically used to focus on regions of an image that have features that stand out as different. A higher saliency value is taken to be more important.
  • ImageSaliencyFilter works on images with an arbitrary number of channels.
  • Possible settings for the Method option are:
  • "Itti"saliency based on color, intensity, and orientation (default)
    "IttiColor"color map of the Itti algorithm
    "IttiIntensity"intensity map of the Itti algorithm
    "IttiOrientation"orientation map of the Itti algorithm
  • The Itti algorithm is based on human visual saliency. For all methods based on this algorithm, calculations are performed in the RGB color space.
  • For all Itti-based methods, different scales of the image are compared with each other. With Method->{"method",{σ1,σ2,},{step1,step2,}}, scale is compared with coarser scales for all j. The default setting is .
Introduced in 2014