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represents a lighter version of the specified color.

represents a version of the specified color lightened by a fraction f.

gives a lighter version of an image.


  • Lighter[color,1] gives white. »
  • Lighter[color,0] gives color. »
  • Lighter[color] is equivalent to Lighter[color,1/3]. »
  • Lighter[color,f] for values of f outside the range 0 to 1 are clipped.
  • Lighter[image] works with 2D as well as 3D images.
  • Lighter[{col1,col2,},] gives lighter versions of each of the . »
  • When applied to color, Lighter always returns an RGBColor.
  • When applied to color images, Lighter always returns an RGB image.
  • Lighter does not affect the opacity of a color or an image. »
Introduced in 2007
| Updated in 2014