Integral Transforms

The Wolfram Language applies its strengths in calculus to the intricacies of integral transforms, with a host of original algorithms that probably now reach almost any closed-form result that can be found, together with full support for symbolic generalized functions.

Laplace Transforms

LaplaceTransform  ▪  InverseLaplaceTransform

Fourier Transforms »

FourierTransform  ▪  InverseFourierTransform

FourierSinTransform  ▪  InverseFourierSinTransform

FourierCosTransform  ▪  InverseFourierCosTransform

Fourier, InverseFourier, FourierDCT, ... numerical discrete Fourier transforms

Mellin Transforms

MellinTransform  ▪  InverseMellinTransform

Hankel Transforms

HankelTransform  ▪  InverseHankelTransform

Z Transforms

ZTransform  ▪  InverseZTransform


Convolve  ▪  DiscreteConvolve  ▪  ListConvolve  ▪  MellinConvolve

Related Functions

DiracDelta  ▪  HeavisideTheta  ▪  SquareWave  ▪  TriangleWave  ▪  SawtoothWave

Integrate  ▪  RSolve

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