is an option for notebooks and cloud objects that specifies whether to automatically make a copy when the object is opened.


  • Possible settings include:
  • Truealways create and open a copy
    Automaticcreate a copy if you cannot edit the original
    Falseopen the object itself
  • On desktop systems, autocopied notebooks are untitled.
  • In the cloud, autocopied notebooks maintain their original title when they are opened by a user other than their creator, and are given UUIDs as names when they are opened by their creator.
  • On desktop systems, autocopyable notebooks can be modified by editing a copy, then using Save As with Autocopy checked to overwrite the original.
  • In the cloud, an autocopied notebook has permissions determined by $Permissions, independent of the permissions for the original notebook.


Basic Examples  (1)

Deploy a notebook to a named cloud object:

Click for copyable input

Set the AutoCopy option to True:

Click for copyable input

Open this cloud object for editing in the cloud and confirm that you want to make a copy.

See Also

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Introduced in 2016