gives a dataset of the top web search results for the specified literal string.


gives the top results obtained by doing the web search specified by form.


gives the elements of the web search specified by elems.

Details and Options

  • WebSearch requires internet connectivity and uses external services that require Service Credits.
  • WebSearch supports the following basic search forms, which can be combined arbitrarily:
  • "string"complete string must occur in the page
    {s1,s2,}search for all si in the page
    s1|s2|at least one of the si must occur in the page
    SearchQueryString["query"]complete search enginestyle query
    "field"s1the si must occur in the given field
    FixedOrder[s1,s2,]the si must occur in the order given
    Except[q]q cannot occur in the page
  • Possible fields include:
  • "Country"search only within a given country's web domain
    "Site"search only within specified website
    "FileFormat"search only for files with the specified format
  • File formats can be specified either by strings as used by Import or by entities of type "FileFormat".
  • Possible options include:
  • AllowAdultContentFalsewhether to include adult-type results
    LanguageNonegive only pages in the specified language
    MaxItems10number of results to return
    MethodAutomaticexternal search service to use
  • Languages can be specified using entities of type "Language" or strings corresponding to standard names of languages.
  • Possible settings for Method include "Google" and "Bing".
  • Possible elements that can be specified by elems include:
  • "PageTitles"page titles
    "Snippets"textual snippets of page content
    "Hyperlinks"page hyperlinks


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Basic Examples  (3)

Perform a basic web search:

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Search using alternatives:

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Search for pages containing all specified terms:

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Introduced in 2017