Wolfram Language & System 11.0 (2016)|Legacy Documentation

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Cloud Execution Metadata

Within the Wolfram Cloud, the Wolfram Language provides rich access to available information about the user or process that has initiated the execution of code, making it convenient to set up location- and user-aware services.


Information about Requests

$EvaluationEnvironment the origin of the request ("Session", "WebAPI", etc.)

Information about HTTP Web Requests

HTTPRequestData detailed information about an HTTP request

$UserAgentString the user agent string from the browser etc. initiating the request

Internet Location Information

$RequesterAddress IP address making an evaluation request

Geographic Location Information »

$GeoLocation inferred lat-long originating a request

$GeoLocationSource source of inferred geo location (e.g. "GeoIP", "Mobile", "User")

$GeoLocationCountry  ▪  $GeoLocationCity

GeoIdentify  ▪  GeoNearest  ▪  FindGeoLocation  ▪  GeoDistance  ▪  GeoGraphics  ▪  ...

CountryData  ▪  CityData  ▪  AdministrativeDivisionData  ▪  ...

Date & Time Information »

$TimeZone deduced time zone originating the request

DateList  ▪  DateString  ▪  DayName  ▪  $DateStringFormat  ▪  AbsoluteTime  ▪  LocalTime  ▪  ...

Language Information

$CharacterEncoding  ▪  $SystemCharacterEncoding  ▪  $Language

LanguageIdentify identify the language of an input

LanguageData extensive data on languages

Display Information

$ImageFormattingWidth deduced width of the requester's display

Information about Authenticated Users

$RequesterWolframID Wolfram ID (typically, email address) requesting an evaluation

$WolframID Wolfram ID of the owner of the cloud object being executed

$WolframUUID raw permanent Wolfram user UUID


$UserName login name of the user, e.g. on a local machine

$HomeDirectory  ▪  $UserDocumentsDirectory  ▪  $UserBaseDirectory

Cloud & Evaluation Information

$CloudEvaluation whether the evaluation is being done in the cloud

$EvaluationCloudObject the cloud object containing the code used in this evaluation

$CloudBase base URL of the cloud server being used

Cookie Information

$Cookies  ▪  FindCookies  ▪  SetCookies  ▪  ...

Managing Cloud Content »

Permissions  ▪  CloudLoggingData  ▪  CloudDirectory  ▪  ...

Local Machine Information »

SystemInformation complete information on a local machine

$MachineName  ▪  $MachineDomains  ▪  $MachineAddresses  ▪  $ProcessorType  ▪  ...