Wolfram Language & System 11.0 (2016)|Legacy Documentation

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Cloud Permissions Control

The Wolfram Language gives you detailed programmatic control over permissions for all operations associated with objects in the cloud.


Permissions option for permissions of a cloud object

$Permissions default permissions for newly created cloud objects

CloudPublish publish a cloud object so it is publicly accessible

SetPermissions set permissions of a cloud object for given users

ClearPermissions clear permissions of a cloud object for given users

CloudDeploy define permissions when a cloud object is deployed

Options get permissions of an existing cloud object

SetOptions reset all permissions of an existing cloud object

Permissions Groups

CreatePermissionsGroup create a permissions group

PermissionsGroup symbolic representation of a permissions group

AddUsers  ▪  RemoveUsers  ▪  SetUsers

PermissionsGroups a list of permissions groups that a user can reference

Third-Party Access Control

PermissionsKey represent a permissions key to be used in specifying permissions

PermissionsKeys  ▪  DeletePermissionsKey

Authentication provide permissions key information when requesting access


CloudShare share a cloud object with specified users

CloudConnect authenticate with the cloud and connect as a particular user