Wolfram Language & System 11.0 (2016)|Legacy Documentation

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Computation on Graphs

The Wolfram System has extensive graph computation capabilities, including finding paths, cycles, and subgraphs based on connectivity to direct support for traversal-based programming.


Operations and Modifications »

NeighborhoodGraph graph neighborhood of some vertex, edge, etc.

Subgraph  ▪  GraphUnion  ▪  VertexAdd  ▪  VertexDelete  ▪  EdgeAdd  ▪  ...

Paths, Cycles, and Flows »

FindMaximumFlow find the maximum flow between two vertices

FindShortestPath  ▪  FindHamiltonianCycle  ▪  FindPostmanTour  ▪  ...

Components and Connectivity »

ConnectedComponents give groups of vertices that are strongly connected

WeaklyConnectedComponents  ▪  KCoreComponents  ▪  EdgeConnectivity  ▪  ...

Cliques, Covers, and Independent Sets »

FindClique find complete subgraphs

FindVertexCover  ▪  FindEdgeCover  ▪  FindIndependentEdgeSet  ▪  ...

Graph Polynomials

TuttePolynomial compute the Tutte polynomial of a graph

ChromaticPolynomial  ▪  FlowPolynomial

Graph Programming »

DepthFirstScan scan a graph in depth-first order

BreadthFirstScan  ▪  PropertyValue  ▪  AdjacencyMatrix  ▪  ...