Wolfram Language & System 11.0 (2016)|Legacy Documentation

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URL Manipulation

The Wolfram Language includes tools for handling the special features of URLs and URIs.


URL symbolic representation of a URL

Character Encoding

URLEncode convert a string to use URL-style percent encoding

URLDecode convert to Unicode from URL-style percent encoding

Query Strings

URLQueryEncode create a URL-style query string from a list of key-value pairs

URLQueryDecode extract a list of key-value pairs from a URL-style query string

URL Structure

URLBuild build up a URL string from components

URLParse parse a URL string into components

URL Shortening

URLShorten create a wolfr.am or other shortened URL

URLExpand expand a shortened URL to its full form

Using URLs

URLExecute execute a URL

URLSubmit submit a URL for asynchronous execution

URLRead read from a URL

Import import in any format from a URL

HTTPRequest  ▪  HTTPResponse  ▪  $Cookies  ▪  ...

URLs in Documents

Hyperlink represent a hyperlink to a URL in a document

Network Performance

PingTime test the time to reach the host for a URL