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gives an array of audio samples.

gives an array of audio samples converted to the specified "type".


  • By default, AudioData[audio] normalizes values to lie between and 1.
  • For single-channel mono audio, AudioData returns a 1D array of data.
  • For multichannel audio, AudioData returns a 2D array of data, where rows correspond to channels.
  • The number of samples in each channel is equivalent to the duration of the audio multiplied by the sample rate.
  • Possible types specified by AudioData[audio,"type"] are:
  • "SignedInteger8"signed 8-bit integers from through
    "SignedInteger16"signed 16-bit integers from through
    "SignedInteger32"signed 32-bit integers from through
    "Real32"single-precision real (32 bit)
    "Real"double-precision real (64 bit)
  • AudioData[audio,Automatic] is equivalent to AudioData[audio,AudioType[audio]].
Introduced in 2016