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represents the unit ball centered at the point p.

represents the ball of radius r centered at the point p.

represents a collection of balls of radius r.


  • Ball is also known as center interval, disk, ball, and hyperball.
  • Ball can be used as a geometric region and a graphics primitive.
  • Ball[] is equivalent to Ball[{0,0,0}].
  • Ball[n] for integer n is equivalent to Ball[{0,,0}], a unit ball in .
  • Ball represents a filled ball {x|TemplateBox[{{x, -, p}}, Norm]<=r}. The region is dimensional for point p of length .
  • Ball allows p to be any point in and r any positive real number.
  • Ball can be used in Graphics and Graphics3D.
  • In graphics, the points p, pi and radii r can be Scaled and Dynamic expressions.
  • Graphics rendering is affected by directives such as FaceForm, EdgeForm, Specularity, Opacity, and color.
  • Ball[{p1,p2,},{r1,r2,}] represents a collection of spheres with centers pi and radii ri.
Introduced in 2014