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creates a lowpass Chebyshev type 2 filter of order n.

uses the cutoff frequency ωc.

uses the full filter specification {"type",spec}.

expresses the model in terms of the variable var.


  • Chebyshev2FilterModel returns the filter as a TransferFunctionModel.
  • Chebyshev2FilterModel[{n,ω}] returns a lowpass filter with attenuation of (approximately 3 dB) at frequency ω.
  • Chebyshev2FilterModel[n] uses the cutoff frequency of 1.
  • Filter specification {"type",spec} can be any of the following:
  • {"Lowpass",{ωp,ωs},{ap,as}}lowpass filter using passband and stopband frequencies and attenuations
    {"Highpass",{ωs,ωp},{as,ap}}highpass filter
    {"Bandpass",{ωs1,ωp1,ωp2,ωs2},{as,ap}}bandpass filter
    {"Bandstop",{ωp1,ωs1,ωs2,ωp2},{ap,as}}bandstop filter
  • Frequency values should be given in an ascending order.
  • Values ap and as are respectively absolute values of passband and stopband attenuations.
  • Given a gain fraction , the attenuation is .
Introduced in 2012