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gives the positions of n points equally spaced around the unit circle.

gives the positions of n points equally spaced around a circle of radius r.

starts at angle θ1 with respect to the axis.

centers the circle at {x,y}.


  • For positive integer n, CirclePoints[n] generates a list of vertices for a regular n-sided polygon, oriented so its base is horizontal.
  • In CirclePoints[n], n does not have to be an exact integer. The angles between successive vectors are always .
  • Unless explicitly given as a Quantity object, the angle θ1 is assumed to be in radians, counterclockwise starting from the axis. (Multiply by Degree to convert from degrees.)
  • If the angle θ1 is not given, it is assumed to be π/n-π/2, so that for integer n the vectors correspond to a regular polygon with its base horizontal.
  • All arguments of CirclePoints except n can be symbolic. They can also be Quantity objects.
Introduced in 2015