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creates an empty document notebook and opens it in the front end.

creates and opens a document notebook containing the expression expr.

creates and opens a document notebook consisting of a sequence of cells containing the expri.

replaces the notebook represented by the notebook object obj with the one obtained from expr.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Possible forms for expr and expri include:
  • DocumentNotebook[]a complete notebook
    TextCell[]a text cell
    ExpressionCell[]an expression cell
    CellGroup[]a cell group, potentially nested
    "string"a string, inside a text cell
    ean expression e, in an expression cell
  • CreateDocument can take any notebook option, together with the following additional options:
  • WindowSelectedTruewhether the new window should immediately be selected
    NotebookFileNameNonethe file name for the document created
  • CreateDocument will by default create a notebook with name "Untitled-n".
  • CreateDocument returns a NotebookObject corresponding to the notebook it creates.
  • CreateDocument[expr,obj] overwrites whatever data was contained in the notebook represented by the notebook object obj.
Introduced in 2007