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returns the list of geodesic distances between consecutive pairs of locations.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The locations loci in GeoDistanceList[{loc1,,locn}] can be given as pairs {lat,lon} in degrees, GeoPosition objects, geographic Entity objects, or any other specification of a location.
  • The result is returned as a QuantityArray object with dimensions of length. The unit used can be chosen with the option UnitSystem, which has $UnitSystem as its default value.
  • If the input list of locations has length n, the resulting list of distances has length n-1.
  • GeoDistanceList has option DistanceFunction, with the following settings:
  • "Boundary"minimum distance between any points in regions
    "Center"distance between centers of regions
    "SignedBoundary"distance to boundary, negative for interior points
  • GeoDistanceList by default uses the setting DistanceFunction->"Center". This is a different default from the one for GeoDistance.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

List of consecutive geodesic distances between cities:

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Convert the QuantityArray object to its normal form:

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Draw the three geodesic segments on a map:

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Introduced in 2016