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is an option for CloudObject and related objects that specifies icons to use in different deployments to represent an object.


  • The setting for IconRules can be the following:
  • imagea single image to be resized for all icons
    {image1,image2,}images where an appropriate size is used for all icons
    {"env1"image,}separate settings for different environments
  • Possible environments include:
  • "Android"icon to display under Android
    "FileBrowser"icon to display in the file browser
    "IOS"icon to display under iOS
    "WebPage"favicon for a web page
    Allgeneric icon to use
  • The setting for each environment is of the form "env"->image or "env"->{image1,image2,}.
  • When an icon of a particular size is required, the immediately larger imagei is selected and scaled down to the required size.
  • Each image can be an explicit Image object, Graphics, or any other expression, which if necessary will be rasterized.
  • A setting of Automatic for IconRules or for a particular element will generate an icon automatically from the contents of the cloud object.
  • If a particular element is needed that has not been specified explicitly, it will be interpolated from other elements given.
  • The setting for IconRules for a cloud object can be changed using SetOptions.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

Icons are generated automatically when creating cloud objects:

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View the icons:

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The icons appear in the cloud file browser:

Introduced in 2014