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is an option for cells and notebooks which specifies strings of characters that should be replaced immediately on input.


  • The default setting of InputAutoReplacements for Input styles typically includes such rules as "->"->"".
  • In expression input, automatic replacements can be performed only on strings of characters that correspond to complete input tokens.
  • In textual input, automatic replacements can be performed on strings of alphanumeric characters delimited by spaces or other punctuation characters.
  • When material is copied from a notebook to the clipboard, replacements specified by ExportAutoReplacements are by default performed. Typically these replacements include ones that reverse the action of the replacements in InputAutoReplacements.
  • When material is pasted from the clipboard into a notebook, replacements specified by ImportAutoReplacements are by default performed. Typically these replacements are a subset of those given in InputAutoReplacements.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

Create a notebook that uses exinei as shorthand for ExpIntegralEi:

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To use the shorthand, start by typing exinei:

When you type the bracket, the shorthand is automatically replaced:

Introduced in 1999