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is an option for MailReceiverFunction that specifies what function to apply to respond to the sender of mail received by a MailReceiverFunction.


  • Typical settings include:
  • Truesend an acknowledgment
    Falseno response
    Automaticsend an acknowledgment when it seems appropriate
    respfunapply the function respfun
  • MailResponseFunction->Automatic avoids sending responses when it detects that the sender is a daemon or that there are "do not reply" directives in Reply-To or From fields, as indicated by the value of the "DoNotReply" element in the association supplied in MailReceiverFunction.
  • With the setting MailResponseFunction->respfun, respfun is applied to the same association as in MailReceiverFunction, but with an additional entry "Result" that gives the result from applying the function in MailReceiverFunction.

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Deploy a mail receiver that sends custom responses back to the sender:

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Introduced in 2015