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is an object that represents an open notebook in the front end.


  • NotebookObject expressions are typically generated by kernel commands such as InputNotebook, EvaluationNotebook, and Notebooks.
  • fe is a FrontEndObject that specifies the front end in which the notebook is open.
  • id is an integer that gives a unique serial number for this open notebook.
  • In StandardForm and OutputForm, notebook objects are printed so as to indicate the current title of the window that would be used to display the notebook.
  • Functions such as NotebookPrint and NotebookClose take NotebookObject as their argument.
  • Within any open notebook, there is always a current selection. The current selection can be modified by applying functions such as SelectionMove to NotebookObject.
  • A NotebookObject is permanently invalid after a notebook is closed, even if that notebook is reopened.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

Functions that create notebooks return NotebookObject expressions:

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Functions that act on notebooks take a notebook object as an argument:

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Retitling a notebook changes the way the NotebookObject expression is displayed:

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The NotebookObject expression itself has not changed:

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Introduced in 1996
| Updated in 1999