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is a two-dimensional graphics primitive which represents a rectangular array of gray cells.

represents an array of RGB color cells.

represents an array of color cells with opacity αij.

represents an array of gray cells with the specified opacities.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Raster[array,ColorFunction->f] specifies that each cell should be colored using the graphics directives obtained by applying the function f to the value specified for that cell.
  • If array has dimensions {n,m}, then Raster[array] is assumed to occupy the rectangle Rectangle[{0,0},{m,n}]. »
  • Raster[array,{{xmin,ymin},{xmax,ymax}}] specifies that the raster should be taken instead to fill the rectangle Rectangle[{xmin,ymin},{xmax,ymax}]. »
  • Scaled and Offset can be used to specify the coordinates for the rectangle.
  • Raster[array,Automatic] is equivalent to Raster[array,{{0,0},{m,n}}].
  • Raster[array,rect,{amin,amax}] specifies that cell values should be scaled so that amin corresponds to 0 and amax corresponds to 1. Cell values outside this range are clipped to be 0 or 1.
  • array can be a SparseArray object.
  • Image[Raster[]] converts a Raster object to an image.
Introduced in 1991
| Updated in 2010