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repairs defects in the mesh region mreg.

repairs only the specified defects def1,.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • RepairMesh repairs defects in mesh-based regions.
  • Possible geometrical defects on surface include:
  • "HoleEdges"close holes in the surface
    "TJunctionEdges"remove T junctions
    "TinyFaces"fix faces with near-zero area
  • Possible topological defects include:
  • "IsolatedVertices"remove vertices without incident edges
    "DanglingEdges"remove edges without incident faces
    "SingularVertices"fix vertices with a non-disc neighborhood
    "TinyComponents"remove tiny connected mesh components
    "FlippedFaces"fix faces that point inward
  • RepairMesh has the same options as MeshRegion.
Introduced in 2016