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yields a disjunction of equations which represent the roots of a polynomial equation.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Roots uses Factor and Decompose in trying to find roots.
  • You can find numerical values of the roots by applying N.
  • Roots can take the following options:
  • CubicsTruewhether to generate explicit solutions for cubics
    EquatedToNullexpression to which the variable solved for should be equated
    Modulus0integer modulus
    Multiplicity1multiplicity in final list of solutions
    QuarticsTruewhether to generate explicit solutions for quartics
    UsingTruesubsidiary equations to be solved
  • Roots is generated when Solve and related functions cannot produce explicit solutions. Options are often given in such cases.
  • Roots gives several identical equations when roots with multiplicity greater than one occur.
Introduced in 1988