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is an option to Grid and related constructs that specifies the spacings to leave between successive objects.


  • For Grid, Column, and Row, settings for Spacings are in units of the current font size.
  • For GraphicsGrid, GraphicsColumn, and GraphicsRow, settings are in printer's points.
  • A setting of the form Scaled[s] gives spacing that is a fraction s of the size of an item.
  • A setting of the form Spacings->v specifies that the absolute space between items should be v, independent of the presence of frames or dividers. A setting of the form Offset[v] inserts space v beyond space taken by frames or dividers.
  • Settings for Spacings in Grid and related constructs can be given as:
  • {specx,specy}use the speci at successive x and y positions
  • For a grid with n items in a particular direction, Spacings can specify settings for spacings in the n+1 gaps between items, starting before the first item, and ending after the last item.
  • The outer edge of the grid is taken to be at the midpoint of the outermost spacing on every side.
  • The speci in each direction can have the following forms:
  • {s1,s2,,sn}use s1 through sn, then use defaults
    {{c}}use c in all cases
    {{c1,c2}}alternate between c1 and c2
    {{c1,c2,}}cycle through all ci
    {s,{c}}use s, then repeatedly use c
    {s1,{c},sn}use s1, then repeatedly use c, but use sn at the end
    { s 1 , s 2 , , { c 1 , c 2 , }, s m , , s n }
    use the first sequence of si at the beginning, then cyclically use the ci, then use the last sequence of si at the end
    {s1,s2,,{},sm,,sn}use the first sequence of si at the beginning and the last sequence at the end
    {i1->v1,i2->v2,}specify what to use at positions ik
    {spec,rules}use rules to override specifications in spec

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Basic Examples  (2)Basic Examples  (2)

Set the horizontal spacing between items:

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Set the horizontal and vertical spacings:

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Introduced in 2007