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StringReplaceList["string",ssp] or StringReplaceList["string",{s1sp1,s2sp2,}]
gives a list of the strings obtained by replacing each individual occurrence of substrings in "string" matching the string expressions si.

gives a list of the first n results obtained.

gives the list of results for each of the si.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • The string expressions si can contain any of the objects specified in the notes for StringExpression.
  • In each of the results returned by StringReplaceList only one substring has been replaced.
  • StringReplaceList goes through a string, testing substrings that start at each successive character position. On each substring, it tries in turn each of the transformation rules you have specified, returning a result for each one that applies.
  • StringReplaceList in effect carries out a single step in the evolution of a multiway system.
  • If the spi in the replacements si->spi do not evaluate to strings, StringReplaceList will yield a StringExpression rather than an ordinary string.
  • In replacements of the form si:>spi, the spi are not evaluated until each time they are used.
  • Setting the option IgnoreCase->True makes StringReplaceList treat lowercase and uppercase letters as equivalent.
Introduced in 2004