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gives information used to generate syntax coloring and other advisories when f[] is entered as input.


  • SyntaxInformation[f]={"prop1"->data1,"prop2"->data2,} defines syntax properties propi for f.
  • Possible properties include:
  • "ArgumentsPattern"patterns for the sequence of allowed arguments
    "LocalVariables"type and allowed positions of local variables
    "ColorEqualSigns"argument positions for which = should be colored
  • The setting for "ArgumentsPattern" is of the form {patt1,patt2,}, where the patti can be _, __, ___, _., OptionsPattern[], or {p1,}.
  • If the setting for "ArgumentsPattern" specifies that f takes options, then valid option names are determined from Options[f].
  • The setting for "LocalVariables" is of the form {"type",{imin,imax}}. Possible types include "Table", "Solve", "Integrate", "Limit", "Plot", "Manipulate". imin and imax give the minimum and maximum argument positions at which the variables can appear. imax can be Infinity.
  • A setting for "LocalVariables" of {"type",{imin,imax},"Lexical"} specifies that local variables that appear inside Dynamic should not be specially colored.
  • The setting for "ColorEqualSigns" is of the form {imin,imax}.

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Basic Examples  (2)Basic Examples  (2)

Specify that f should take exactly two arguments:

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Set up options for f:

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Specify that f should have two arguments, followed by options:

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Inappropriate options are colored red:

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Introduced in 2007