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is an object that formats exprij textually and arranged in a two-dimensional grid.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • In a notebook, you can modify the two-dimensional layout resulting from TextGrid by using Ctrl+, to add columns and Ctrl+Enter to add rows. All new columns and rows will use textual formatting.
  • You can use Tab to move to the next placeholder in a TextGrid. Ctrl+Space moves out of the whole TextGrid.
  • TextGrid[] formats as a grid in StandardForm and TraditionalForm.
  • In InputForm, TextGrid[] formats literally as TextGrid[].
  • Normal[grid] extracts the list of lists that make up a grid.
  • The exprij can be expressions of any kind. If the expression is a string or a TextCell, it will format textually. If the expression is a Row, then it will format the strings or TextCell elements of the Row textually.
  • Style["string","style"] can be used to specify a particular style for a string.
  • The listi in TextGrid[{list1,list2,}] do not all need to be the same length; there will be empty space in the grid at the ends of shorter rows.
  • You can specify that an element e should span multiple positions in a grid using, for example, TextGrid[{{e,SpanFromLeft,SpanFromLeft},}].
  • The following specify that a particular position should be spanned:
  • SpanFromLeftspan from left
    SpanFromAbovespan from above
    SpanFromBothspan from both left and above
  • A particular element can span both multiple rows and multiple columns, by having a rectangular section of the array with the form {{e,SpanFromLeft,SpanFromLeft,}, {SpanFromAbove,SpanFromBoth,SpanFromBoth,},}.
  • In a notebook, you can combine selected elements in a grid to make a single spanning element using the Make Spanning menu item.
  • TextGrid has the same options as Grid.
  • The settings for BaseStyle are appended to the default style typically given by the "TextGrid" style in the current stylesheet.

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Basic Examples  (2)Basic Examples  (2)

Display elements in a grid:

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Put a frame around every element:

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Introduced in 2015