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represents a dispatcher for deployed URLs that specifies that URLs with relative paths matching the string patterns patti should give content represented by contenti.


  • CloudDeploy[URLDispatcher[]] yields a cloud object corresponding to an active URL dispatcher. All URLs relative to the URL of this cloud object are normally interpreted using the URL dispatcher.
  • Specific deployment of a cloud object to a particular URL, e.g. by CloudDeploy, overrides any rule for that URL given by a URL dispatcher.
  • In the URLs specified by URLDispatcher, the patti are treated as textually appended to the base URL defined by the URL of the deployed URL dispatcher.
  • In CloudDeploy[URLDispatcher[{patt1:>,}]], the patti must start with /.
  • Trailing characters in URLs are by default ignored when the URLs are matched. To force an exact match to the end of a URL, include EndOfString in the string pattern.
  • The contenti must be content suitable for deployment using CloudDeploy.
  • The contenti can contain URLDispatcher.
  • When there are nested URLDispatcher specifications, each successive specification is given whatever trailing part of the URL remains after matching preceding specifications.
Introduced in 2016