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plots wavelet transform coefficients in the DiscreteWaveletData dwd.

plots wavelet transform coefficients corresponding to the wavelet index specification wind.

applies func to coefficients before plotting.

plots wavelet transform coefficients from several DiscreteWaveletData objects dwd1, dwd2, .

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • WaveletListPlot works for DiscreteWaveletData coming from 1D array data.
  • The wavelet index specification wind is the same as used by DiscreteWaveletData.
  • WaveletListPlot[dwd] is equivalent to WaveletListPlot[dwd,Automatic].
  • WaveletListPlot has the same options as ListPlot, with the following additions and changes:
  • AspectRatioAutomaticratio of height to width
    JoinedTruewhether to join points
    MethodAutomaticwhat method to use
    PlotLayout"CommonXAxis"what layout to use for the plot
    PlotRangeAllrange of values to include
  • Possible settings for PlotLayout include: "CommonXAxis" and "CommonYAxis".
  • With the setting "CommonXAxis", coefficients are plotted against a common horizontal axis where the independent axes are separately scaled to occupy the same amount of vertical space.
  • With the setting "CommonYAxis", coefficients are plotted using a common vertical axis where the independent axes are separately scaled to occupy the same amount of horizontal space.
  • Ticks and FrameTicks have the following settings with special interpretations in the direction perpendicular to the common axis:
  • Automaticrefinement level
    Fullfull wavelet index
  • With the setting Method->"InverseTransform", the inverse transform of each coefficient array will be plotted.
  • WaveletListPlot returns a Graphics object.
Introduced in 2010
| Updated in 2014