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int WSTransferExpression(WSLINK dst,WSLINK src)
transfers an expression to destination link dst from source link src.


  • dst and src need not be distinct.
  • dst and src can be either loopback or ordinary links.
  • WSTransferExpression() returns 0 in the event of an error, and a nonzero value if the function succeeds.
  • WSTransferExpression() is often used to read an expression from a link in order to store it in a loopback link.
  • WSTransferExpression() is passed (WSLINK)0 for dst, the expression on src will be discarded.
  • WSTransferExpression() is declared in the WSTP header file wstp.h.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

#include "wstp.h"

/* transfer an expression to link 2 from loopback link 1 */

void f(WSLINK lp2, WSLINK lp1)
    /* send EvaluatePacket[ToExpression[str]] to lp1 */
if(! WSPutFunction(lp1, "EvaluatePacket", 1))
        { /* unable to put function to lp1 */ }

    if(! WSPutFunction(lp1, "ToExpression", 1))
        { /* unable to put function to lp1 */ }

    if(! WSPutString(lp1, "a = Table[RandomInteger[2,12]];"))
        { /* unable to put the string to lp1 */ }

    if(! WSEndPacket(lp1))
        { /* unable to put the end-of-packet indicator to lp1 */ }

    if(! WSFlush(lp1))
        { /* unable to put flush any outgoing data buffered in lp1 */ }

/* now transfer to lp2 from lp1 */
    if(! WSTransferExpression(lp2, lp1))
        { /* unable to transfer an expression from lp1 to lp2 */ }