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About Publicon

Publicon is a document creation tool designed for authors of technical articles. It provides a simple point-and-click interface for creating publication-quality technical documents that integrate text, equations, and graphics. Publicon provides typesetting power and flexibility comparable to , but with the simplicity of a word processor.

Some key features of Publicon are:

FilledVerySmallSquare Easy mathematical typesetting for equations and formulas, including search capability for mathematical notation

FilledVerySmallSquare Hundreds of custom fonts for special characters and symbols

FilledVerySmallSquare Palettes for applying templates, formatting, and mathematical notation

FilledVerySmallSquare Customizable style sheets to control every aspect of a document's appearance

FilledVerySmallSquare Automatic numbering of equations, graphics, section, and chapter headings

FilledVerySmallSquare Hyperlink templates for linking documents to each other or to the web

FilledVerySmallSquare Customizable interface palettes and buttons for entering frequently used expressions

FilledVerySmallSquare Specialized tools for entering end notes or citations and creating a bibliography

FilledVerySmallSquare Import and export of graphics and sounds in a variety of formats

FilledVerySmallSquare One-step conversion of documents to , HTML, or XML formats

Publicon documents are platform-independent and portable. They are saved as ASCII text instead of binary files, so they can be transmitted via email and read by users on different computer platforms.

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