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2.1 Expressions

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2.1.1 Everything Is an Expression
2.1.2 The Meaning of Expressions
2.1.3 Four Ways to Write Expressions
2.1.4 Applying Functions by Name
2.1.5 Applying Functions to Parts of Expressions
2.1.6 Advanced Topic: Shorter Forms for Function Application
2.1.7 Manipulating Expressions like Lists
2.1.8 Selecting Parts of Expressions Based on Criteria
2.1.9 Advanced Topic: Expressions as Trees
2.1.10 Advanced Topic: Levels in Expressions
2.1.11 Advanced Topic: Parts of Expressions
2.1.12 Pure Functions
2.1.13 Advanced Topic: Shorter Forms for Pure Functions
2.1.14 Advanced Topic: Making Lists out of Functions
2.1.15 Advanced Topic: Applying Functions with Side Effects

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