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2.9 The Structure of Graphics and Sound

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2.9.1 The Structure of Graphics
2.9.2 Two-Dimensional Graphics Elements
2.9.3 Graphics Directives and Options
2.9.4 Coordinate Systems for Two-Dimensional Graphics
2.9.5 Labeling Two-Dimensional Graphics
2.9.6 Making Plots within Plots
2.9.7 Density and Contour Plots
2.9.8 Three-Dimensional Graphics Primitives
2.9.9 Three-Dimensional Graphics Directives
2.9.10 Coordinate Systems for Three-Dimensional Graphics
2.9.11 Plotting Three-Dimensional Surfaces
2.9.12 Lighting and Surface Properties
2.9.13 Labeling Three-Dimensional Graphics
2.9.14 Advanced Topic: Low-Level Graphics Rendering
2.9.15 Fonts for Text in Graphics
2.9.16 Graphics Primitives for Text
2.9.17 Advanced Topic: Color Output
2.9.18 The Representation of Sound

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