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The Standard Add-on Packages

The Mathematica system contains a large number of built-in functions. Most versions of Mathematica also include a collection of standard add-on packages that define many additional functions in areas such as algebra, calculus, graphics, discrete and numerical mathematics, number theory, and statistics. This book describes those functions.
Beyond the standard add-on packages, there is now an immense number of specialized add-ons available for Mathematica. Some of these add-ons are distributed by Wolfram Research; see or contact Wolfram Research for a current listing. Many add-ons are available through the MathSource electronic library at

Directories of standard add-on packages.

The standard add-on packages are divided into several directories, each corresponding to a different topic. This introduction gives a few examples of the use of packages from each directory. Package functions are described in detail in the topic chapters.

Reading in standard add-on packages.

Throughout this book, packages are specified with the backquote character `, used in Mathematica as a context mark. The appendix includes information on contexts and how to set up Mathematica packages.