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Miscellaneous Packages

The packages grouped under Miscellaneous offer a diverse set of functions that are not easily categorized. There are functions for exploring the audio capabilities of Mathematica via waveform modulation and musical scales. Other functions provide calendar dates, chemical element data, physical constants, unit conversions, geodetic measurements, and world plots. The package RealOnly is useful for algebra students who have not yet encountered complex numbers.

  • This loads a package for converting between systems of units.
  • In[1]:= <<Miscellaneous`Units`

  • Consider a particle with uniform acceleration of 5.00 cm/sec for an interval of

    hr, with an initial speed of 10.0 ft/sec. This gives the final speed in feet per second.
  • In[2]:= Convert[10.0 Feet/Second + 5.00 Centi Meter/Second^2 1/2 Hour,


  • The Music package defines a set of equal-tempered pitch/frequency equivalents.
  • In[3]:= <<Miscellaneous`Music`

  • You can use these definitions to construct a minor chord.
  • In[4]:= Play[Sin[2 Pi F3 t] + Sin[2 Pi Aflat3 t] + Sin[2 Pi C4 t],
    {t, 0, .5}]


  • The WorldPlot package can be used to make maps of the continents.
  • In[5]:= <<Miscellaneous`WorldPlot`

  • Here is a plot of Oceania.
  • In[6]:= WorldPlot[Oceania]


  • Basic properties of the chemical elements are provided in the ChemicalElements package.
  • In[7]:= <<Miscellaneous`ChemicalElements`

  • This depicts the number of electrons in the outermost shell for each chemical element with a known electron configuration.
  • In[8]:= ListPlot[Apply[Plus, Map[Last,
    ElectronConfiguration[Drop[Elements, -2]]], 1]]


  • The RealOnly package allows you to avoid expressing results in terms of complex numbers. The symbol Nonreal replaces the result when a calculation is unable to avoid complex numbers.
  • In[9]:= <<Miscellaneous`RealOnly`

  • Only one of the solutions to this equation is real.
  • In[10]:= Solve[x^3 + x^2 + x + 2. == 0, x]

    Nonreal::warning: Nonreal number encountered.