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Mathematica as a Calculator

You can use Mathematica just like a calculator: you type in questions, and Mathematica prints back answers.

Here is a simple computation. Press to tell Mathematica to evaluate the input you have given.

Mathematica automatically handles numbers of any size.

You can enter computations in standard mathematical notation, using palettes or from the keyboard. How this works is discussed below.

This tells Mathematica to work out the eigenvalues of a matrix.

An important feature of Mathematica is its ability to handle formulas as well as numbers.

This asks Mathematica to solve an equation. The answer is a formula that depends on a parameter.

This asks Mathematica to evaluate an integral.

You can use Mathematica to make 2D and 3D graphics.

Here is a 2D plot of a simple function.

Here is a 3D plot. The space between the x and y indicates multiplication. PlotPoints30 specifies the mesh to use.