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Your First Mathematica Calculations

You can use Mathematica just like a calculator. Type your input, press , and Mathematica returns the answer.

See the ``Tour of Mathematica'' in the Help Browser or in The Mathematica Book for a quick look at some of Mathematica's capabilities.

Type the input 9.7^200 and press .

Here is the result.

Here is an example from algebra.


  • You can use palettes to enter mathematical notation (see Creating Palettes).

  • Some Mathematica conventions

    Integrate is one of Mathematica's several thousand built-in functions.

    Plot3D produces a three-dimensional plot.

    Graphics appear directly in your notebook.

    The Built-in Functions section of the Help Browser has lots of examples to try. Click once the triangle to view the examples.

    T I P S

  • Variables may also be Greek letters or other mathematical symbols. See Creating Palettes.
  • Press +. to abort a calculation.

  • For More Information

  • The Mathematica Book: Part 1: A Practical Introduction to Mathematica in the Help Browser.