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Editors: Jerome Walsh, George Beck and Joe Grohens  Typesetters: Joe Kaiping, Phil Wall and Glenn Scholebo  Lead proofreader: Jan Progen  Proofreaders: Carol Ordal, Wendy Leung, Angela Latham, Kurt Kessinger, Madhav Chari and John Garvey  Testers: Anna Marichev and Kevin Leuthold  Production programmers: Jeff Adams and Joe Kaiping  Formula gallery developer: Michael Trott  Cover, part openers and graphics gallery designers: John Bonadies and Jody Jasinski  Book designers: John Bonadies and André Kuzniarek  Font designer: André Kuzniarek  On-line version developers: Chris LaReau and Robby Villegas  Project managers: George Beck and Joe Grohens  Manufacturing managers: Jody Jasinski and Rachel Lively  Business developer: Dianne Littwin  Additional content checkers: Members of Wolfram Research technical support, quality assurance and R&D groups, as well as Mathematica beta testers. S0.0.22.31
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