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1.10.5 Entering Tables and Matrices

The Mathematica front end typically provides a Create Table/Matrix/Palette menu item which allows you to create a blank array with any specified number of rows and columns. Once you have such an array, you can then edit it to fill in whatever elements you want.

  • Mathematica treats an array like this as a matrix represented by a list of lists.
  • In[1]:=


  • Putting parentheses around the array makes it look more like a matrix, but does not affect its interpretation.
  • In[2]:=


  • Using MatrixForm tells Mathematica to display the result of the Transpose as a matrix.
  • In[3]:=


    Entering tables and matrices.

    Note that you can use , and ↵ to start building up an array, and particularly for small arrays this is often more convenient than using the Create Table/Matrix/Palette menu item.
    Section 2.8.11 will describe how to adjust many aspects of the appearance of arrays you create in Mathematica. The Create Table/Matrix/Palette menu item typically allows you to make basic adjustments, such as drawing lines between rows or columns.