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1.6.7 Statistics Packages

The standard set of packages distributed with Mathematica includes several for doing statistical analyses of data.

Some standard statistical analysis packages.

Basic descriptive statistics.

  • This loads the descriptive statistics package. In some versions of Mathematica, you may not need to load this package explicitly.
  • In[1]:= <<Statistics`DescriptiveStatistics`

  • Here is some "data".
  • In[2]:= data = {4.3, 7.2, 8.4, 5.8, 9.2, 3.9}


  • This gives the mean of your data.
  • In[3]:= Mean[data]


  • Here is the variance.
  • In[4]:= Variance[data]


  • This gives a list of rules for various quantities that characterize the dispersion of your data.
  • In[5]:= DispersionReport[data]