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2.8.9 Styles and Fonts in Output

Specifying output styles.

  • The second

    is here shown in boldface.
  • In[1]:= {x^2, StyleForm[x^2, FontWeight->"Bold"]}


  • This shows the word text in font sizes from 10 to 20 points.
  • In[2]:= Table[StyleForm["text", FontSize->s], {s, 10, 20}]


  • This shows the text in the Tekton font.
  • In[3]:= StyleForm["some text", FontFamily->"Tekton"]


    A few options that can be used in StyleForm.

    If you use the notebook front end for Mathematica, then each piece of output that is generated will by default be in the style of the cell in which the output appears. By using StyleForm[expr,"style"], however, you can tell Mathematica to output a particular expression in a different style.

  • Here is an expression output in the style normally used for section headings.
  • In[4]:= StyleForm[x^2 + y^2, "Section"]


    Section 2.10.1 describes in more detail how cell styles work. By using StyleForm[expr,"style",options] you can generate output that is in a particular style, but with certain options modified.