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A.7.6 Network License Management

Single-machine and network licenses.

Copies of Mathematica can be set up with either single-machine or network licenses. A network license is indicated by a line in the mathpass file starting with !name, where name is the name of the server machine for the network license.
Under the Unix operating system, network licenses are controlled by the Mathematica license management program mathlm. This program must be running whenever a Mathematica with a network license is being used. Typically you will want to set up your system so that mathlm is started whenever the system boots.

Ways to start the network license manager.

When mathlm is started, it normally sets itself up as a background process, and continues running until it is explicitly terminated. Note that if one mathlm process is running, any other mathlm processes you try to start will automatically exit immediately.

Command-line switches for mathlm.

You can use the mathlm-restrictprog to tell the network license manager to authorize only certain sessions. The program prog is passed as arguments the user ID and machine name for the session to be started, together with sequences i, UID, name for sessions 1, 2, ... already started.
Note that as an alternative to -restrict, you can insert commands in init.m that exit unless $UserName, $MachineName and so on have appropriate values.

Ways to debug network license setups.