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A.8.1 Running and Installing Mathematica

Two ways to run Mathematica.

Mathematica is normally distributed on CD-ROM. Typically a single CD-ROM will contain the files needed for versions of Mathematica on all computer systems.
The CD-ROM is set up so that if you have the appropriate authorization and license, you will usually be able to run Mathematica directly from the CD-ROM.
If you want to install Mathematica on a hard disk or other mass storage device, you will need to copy the necessary files from the CD-ROM. You can do this using the installation programs that are provided on the CD-ROM.
These programs allow you to install Mathematica both for operation on a single type of computer, and for operation across different types of computers.
In addition to Mathematica itself, there are also standard ways to install Mathematica application packs, as discussed in Section A.8.8.