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[an error occurred while processing this directive] ScriptCapitalA ... ScriptCapitalZ

... \[ScriptCapitalA] ... \[ScriptCapitalZ]
  • Aliases: scA through scZ.
  • Letters.
  • Treated as distinct characters rather than style modifications of ordinary letters.
  • is sometimes called Euler's E.
  • \[ScriptCapitalE] is not the same as \[CurlyEpsilon].
  • is sometimes used to denote Fourier transform.
  • is sometimes used to denote Laplace transform.
  • and are used in physics to denote Hamiltonian and Lagrangian density.
  • \[ScriptCapitalP] is not the same as \[WeierstrassP].
  • Contiguous character codes from the private Unicode character range are used, even though a few capital script characters are included in ordinary Unicode.
  • See The Mathematica Book:

    Section 3.10.3.
  • See also: \[GothicCapitalA], \[DoubleStruckCapitalA], etc.