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Create Automatic Numbering Object...

▪ Create Automatic Numbering Object sets up automatic numbering in the current notebook.
▪ The counters available in a particular notebook are usually defined by the style sheet. The default style sheet defines counters named "Section", "Subsection", "Subsubsection", "Equation", "Figure", and "Table".
▪ Counter values can be displayed either as they exist at the location of the display, or as they exist at a remote location defined by a cell tag.
▪ A counter named "Page" is always available, but it is only valid when the option to show page breaks is turned on.
▪ Counter values are set and incremented by the options CounterAssignements and CounterIncrements.
▪ Counter display can be controlled using the options CounterFunction and CounterData.

▪ See the Mathematica book: Section 1.10.14.