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Create Hyperlink...

▪ Create Hyperlink sets up a hyperlink to a specified cell, notebook or URL.

1. Select the words you want to make into a hyperlink.
2. Choose Create Hyperlink .
3. Specify a destination for the link. The destination can be a notebook, or cells in a notebook.
4. Click OK.

The selected text is formatted as a hyperlink button (typically underlined). When you click the hyperlink, Mathematica will jump to the linked cell or notebook.
▪ Cells are targeted by use of cell tags. If your destination cells do not already have cell tags you must add them first by using the Add/Remove Cell Tags command in the Find menu.
▪ On some versions of Mathematica you can also link to a URL. Enter the URL in the text field at the top of the dialog box. Such a link will automatically open your web browser and connect to the designated web address. URL prefixes include "http://", "mailto:", "news:", and "ftp:".
▪ When you click the hyperlink button, it jumps to the referenced cell. If you want to jump to this cell from a different notebook, check "Include file name in link destination".
▪ A hyperlink is a ButtonBox object with the options ButtonStyle"Hyperlink" and ButtonData" destination ".
▪ To edit the name of a hyperlink button, click beside the button and use the arrow keys to move the insertion point into the button's text.

▪ See Reference Guide: NotebookLocate.

▪ See the Mathematica book: Section 1.10.13.

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