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▪ Paste inserts the current contents of the Clipboard.
▪ To insert the Clipboard contents inside an existing cell:

1. Position the text insertion point (blinking vertical bar) by clicking the desired area.
2. Choose Paste .

▪ To insert the Clipboard contents between two cells, or at the bottom or top of the notebook:

1. Position the cell insertion point (horizontal bar) in the desired area between two cells.
2. Choose Paste .

Mathematica pastes a copy of the Clipboard contents at the insertion point.
▪ To replace a selected area with the Clipboard contents:

1. Select a range of characters or cells by highlighting them.
2. Choose Paste .

Mathematica deletes the selected characters or cells and inserts the new material in their place.
▪ Information contained in the Clipboard remains there until a new selection is copied or cut. This lets you paste the same contents repeatedly. Large clipboards take up memory, however. To empty the Clipboard automatically after pasting, use the Paste and Discard command.
▪ When pasting a notebook or cell expression from a text application such as email, a dialog box gives you the choice of pasting the expression literally into the current notebook or interpreting it as a cell or notebook.
▪ Keyboard shortcuts: v ; v v